Volunteers play an important role in making sport and physical activity happen, from coaching to driving a mini bus, washing the kit, promoting events and supporting activities.  Without volunteers many events and activities would fail to run.

At Northampton Leisure Trust we recognise the value that volunteers bring to our events and activities.  We provide a variety of opportunities for people of all ages to get involved in and offer support to get people started on their volunteering journey.

Please see below for the range of exciting opportunities to get involved with.

map markerWhy Volunteer?

Volunteering is about helping others, making a difference to your local community and having fun.  Everyone is different and has a variety of skills and abilities, meaning everyone volunteers for different reasons, these can include:

  • Learning new skills

  • Gaining confidence

  • Giving something back to your club or community

  • Extra experience in a field that could lead to potential employment

  • Making new friends

  • Keeping fit

  • Having fun


map markerHow Do I get Involved

There are many different forms of sports volunteering from helping deliver sessions, to developing websites and officiating to name but a few.

For information on how you can become involved in volunteering within your local community contact the Sports Development Team on 01604 837774 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. the team

We can match up your skills and interests to find a suitable placement that you will enjoy and benefit from.

map markerNorthampton Leisure Trust Volunteer Recognition Scheme

The Northampton Leisure Trust Volunteer Reward Recognition Scheme is designed to allow our volunteers to be recognised for their efforts.  Every hour that a volunteer completes is recorded. Some volunteers will volunteer at one off events collecting a few hours each year.  Other volunteers collect numerous hours every week throughout the year. 

The Volunteer Reward Recognition Scheme allows volunteers to collect certificates and awards for milestone volunteering hours.  Milestone awards are outlined below and certificates are issued by the Sport, Health and Play Development Team. 

Hours will only be counted that the volunteer does on Northampton Leisure Trust programmes and projects.  There is no time limit to a volunteer achieving their hours and all hours must be authorised by a member of Northampton Leisure Trust. 

Additionally each year (April to March) the Sport, Health and Play Development Team will select one volunteer to be Volunteer of the Year.


  • 25 Hours:             Certificate
  • 50 Hours:             Certificate
  • 75 Hours:             Certificate
  • 100 Hours:           Certificate and NLT voucher
  • 150 Hours:           Certificate and NLT voucher
  • 200 Hours:           Certificate and Gift Voucher
  • Volunteer of the Year: £50 gift voucher.

Congratulations to the following volunteers to have achieved volunteering milestones:

Volunteer 1 Health Walks 50 hours
Volunteer 2 Health Walks 50 hours
Volunteer 3 Health Walks 75 hours
Volunteer 4 Health Walks 25 hours
Volunteer 5 Health Walks 25 hours
Volunteer 6 Health Walks 25 hours
Volunteer 7 Health Walks 25 hours
Volunteer 8 Health Walks 25 hours
Volunteer 9 Health Walks 25 hours
Volunteer 10 Health Walks 25 hours
Volunteer 11 Health Walks 25 hours
Volunteer 12 Health Walks 25 hours
Volunteer 13 Health Walks 50 hours
Volunteer 14 Health Walks 50 hours
Volunteer 15 Health Walks 40 hours
Volunteer 16 Health Walks 75 hours
Chris Street Sports 100 hours
Own Street Sports 75 hours
Jouvian Street Sports 75 hours
Emma Street Sports 200 hours
James Street Sports 200 hours
Nicky Street Sports 150 hours
Jake Street Sports 50 hours
Fahteha Street Sports 25 hours
Ryan Street Sports 25 hours
Maddison Street Sports 25 hours
Brandon Street Sports 25 hours
Samuel Street Sports 25 hours
Reanna Street Sports 25 hours
David General 25 hours
Keith 50Plus Buddies 25 hours
Tina 50Plus Buddies 25 hours
Mia Gymnastics 25 hours
map markerVolunteering Opportunities

Below you will find various volunteering opportunities, this page will be regularly updated when new opportunities become available.  For more information or to discuss volunteering opportunities please contact the Sport, Play & Health Development on 01604 837774 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Trilogy50 Plus Activity Buddies - Activity Buddies support members of their peer group to overcome some of the barriers to being physically active alongside campaigning for health living and successful ageing.  Activity Buddies will be a friendly and welcoming face at a variety of activities including 50 Plus Days, health walks and classes, helping to provide information and answering questions.  If you are 50 plus, physically active and would like to support others more physically active then apply to be become an Activity Buddy today.  

Street Football Coaches - Street Football is a social inclusion project that runs FREE football sessions for young people aged 8 to 18 years of age.  Whether you are a qualified coach or not Street Football is a great project to gain some valuable coaching experience.

Health Walk Leaders -The Northampton Health Walk Scheme currently has 14 weekly walks taking place throughout Northampton.  To become a qualified health walk leader you will need to attend a FREE 1 day course.  Then once you a qualified you are welcome to join one of the existing walks or with our support set up a new walk.

Play Leaders - The Play Rangers are always looking for help at their sessions during the holidays and afterschool.  If you have a passion for working with young people then this could be for you.

Family Fun Days- Our Family Fun Days provide various activities including bouncy castles, sports coaching and arts & crafts.  We are looking for volunteers to assist with activities, welcoming people, registering on activities and various other roles.


Volunteering Opportunities – external

Race Marshalls (parkrun) - parkrun Northampton takes place every Saturday at the Racecourse at 9am they are always looking for volunteers to help out on the day. 

map markerCase Studies
map markerUseful Links

Useful Links

For more information about volunteering please visit the websites below:

http://www.nvconline.org.uk/ - Northampton Volunteering Centre

www.streetgames.org -  The sports charity that brings sport to the doorstep of young people in disadvantaged communities across the UK

www.vinspired.com - A place you can find information on National V events.

www.volunteering.org.uk - Provides information on alternative volunteering opportunities.

www.do-it.org.uk - This is the national volunteering database and list a range of volunteering opportunities in your area.

www.timebank.org.uk - TimeBank is a national campaign inspiring and connecting people to share and give time. There are a number of campaigns, including 'be a sport' campaign.

www.northamptonshiresport.org/volunteer - Countywide volunteering opportunities and training programmes

www.joininuk.org - National volunteering information and opportunities