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Brand new strength, cardio and HIIT equipment 

Brand new studio programme

Watch our walk through video to see all the exciting new state of the art fitness equipment coming to Trilogy Peterborough this summer.

Refurbishment Timelines

  • Monday 30 July - work starts on the changing facilities on the first floor
  • Friday 10 August - work begins on the ground floor gym
  • Monday 27 August - official opening

Timings are subject to change.


Check out the refurb as it happens!

Weeks 1 and 2  - the changing rooms














New Equipment Coming to Trilogy Peterborough

Here's a sneak peak of just a few of the new pieces coming to Trilogy Peterborough this August.










Embedded Cable Crossover with integral Hammer Strength Half Rack      

HammerStrenght HDElite Half Rack         embeddedcablecrossover    

Pectoral Fly and Leg Extension

HSSelect PecFlyRearDelt 01CPL                                        HammerStrengthSelect LegExtension Base 01CPH