NEW Junior Active Gym


Junior Active members age 11+ can now use Trilogy gyms

Simply book an activation by calling 01604 838333

Our friendly gym team will create a tailored exercise programme for you

Under 14s must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at each gym visit




Junior Active gym sessions are only available to Trilogy Junior Active members. Join online for £21.99 per month and get access to a whole host of additional free activities. Find out more here


Junior Active Gym Session Times

A qualified Under 16s Gym Instructor will be available on the gym floor during these sessions times

Junior Active members must wear the wristband given to them during their activiation whilst using the gym and under 14s must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at every visit.

Danes Camp

Tuesday  4pm - 7pm 
Wednesday 4pm - 7pm
Thursday 6.15am - 9am
Saturday 12pm - 3pm



 Thursday 4pm - 7pm
 Sunday 9.30am - 12.30pm


Lings Forum

Monday       4pm - 7pm
Tuesday 6.15am - 9am
 Friday 4pm - 7pm
 Saturday 12pm - 3pm


Mounts Baths

Monday             6.15am - 9am
Tuesday  3pm - 6pm
Thursday  3pm - 6pm
Friday 6.15am - 9am
Sunday 9.30am - 12.30pm



General Terms and Conditions of Use

  • Only certain clubs offer Junior Active Gym memberships. Access times for junior members will be prominently displayed at the relevant club.
  • All junior members must have a linked adult member who is their parent, legal guardian or other person who has been registered with us as someone who may bring the junior member into the club and take responsibility for them (their “Guardian”).
  • The Guardian must be a current Trilogy member or ‘pay as you go’ who has received a Trilogy gym activation 
  • To access the Junior Active Gym times, they must have a current Junior Active membership.
  • Junior members under the age of 11 are not permitted to use the gym floor.
  • Junior members over the age of 11 may use certain equipment on the gym floor provided they take part in the relevant activation for their age and they only use the equipment covered in their activation and permitted for their age grouping.
  • Junior members must wear the qualifying wrist band at all times whilst on the gym floor.
  • Junior members must listen and comply with any instructions from the fitness team.
  • All junior members aged 11 to 13 must be accompanied by their Guardian on the gym floor. Junior members over the age of 13 may use the gym floor whilst their Guardian is elsewhere in the club, provided the junior member has had the relevant gym floor activation.
  • Junior members are not permitted to use the following equipment, doing so may result in being asked to leave;
    • Plate loaded equipment
    • Smith Machine
    • Squat/Half Rack
    • Free Weights including Barbells
    • Resistance Machines
    • Olympic Weights