With funding from The Big Lottery Fund's Children's Play Project, we have been able to improve some of Northamptons existing play spaces, and create new and exciting places for play.

Developing play spaces

kingsthorpe rec climbing frame

As part of the Northampton Improved Places for Play project, the Play Development Team have joined forces with the community to replace old and worn play equipment in three play spaces in Northampton.

Kingsthorpe Recreation Ground received £16,000, Hunters Close, Obelisk received £23,000 and finally, Abington Park received £63,000. This money was allocated in conjunction with the Northampton Play Strategy.

Kingsthorpe Recreation Ground

This play space received the smallest allocation, and has benefitted from one new multi-unit that has been added to the existing equipment.

Abington Park

As this was the largest allocation we tried to consult with as many parties as possible. This included local community groups and youth groups, local users, Councillors and Friends of Abington Park. To be installed are two new Buddy Swings, one Multi-Unit designed with the Under 5's in mind, one Cone-Climber and a new Multi-Unit for the ages of 6 upwards.

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Racecourse Playbuilder & The Big Lottery Landscaping Project

Northampton Borough Council in partnership with The Friends of Northampton Racecourse, Northampton County Council, and Miracle Design.

 Racecourse 2