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We have a variety of fantastic options for your special day.  Whether your celebrating a Birthday, Office Party, Christmas Parties, Wakes, Weddings and a whole host of Kids Parties.  If you want to celebrate it then we can host it!!  You will be impressed with our cost effective room rates and party prices. We aim to take the stress out of your big day.  

Looking for a kids party? Click here for more information on our Disco, Swimming, Sports Parties and Berzerk our soft play centre.

 Below you will find some more information on our functions the rules (the boring bits) if there is something we haven't thought of just ask us here


How much does it cost?

The fist question that most of our potential hirers ask us, apart from the odd lottery winner, is "how much does it cost" well the easy answer is nothing, zip its FREE!  

Yes that's right its FREE.  Of course there is a little catch (there always is!)

For our function rooms at Lings Forum, Duston Sports Centre and the Stanley Hill Room at Cripps we charge you £95 to hire the room. If your function takes a £1,000 or more behind the bar we will refund your £95.  

So if you have a 100 people come to your party that's only £10 a head spend behind the bar to get your deposit back.  When was the last time you went to a party and didn't spend £10?

Our biggest room at Cripps is a little dearer at £195 and you will need to spend £1,200 to get your room hire fee back,  but it holds up to 200 people so if your having to use the big room because you have so many friends it won't be a problem.

Our standard functions run from 7:30pm to 11:30pm (last orders) and the room closes at midnight.

You can add in additional hours or a whole day booking and some of the rooms have a late license up to 2am! There is an additional charge for these though.


What Do I get??

Good question.  

Firstly the room.  Each room is slightly different so you can have a look at the pictures online or come into any of our centres during our opening times and have a look around for yourself.

All the tables, chairs that you need.  Sounds obvious doesn't it?  You will be surprised though many other venues add in a cost for tables and chairs.  We don't. 

Fully licensed bar and bar staff. We also like to keep the prices sensible.  Ever been to a function and had to pay £6 for a pint!  Annoying isn't it?  You don't want your guests to be moaning about the prices and nor do we so the bar is sensible priced.  Again you ask at the centre for more information on the cost of drinks.

Ample car parking - its free at Lings and Duston but there is a 60p charge at Cripps.  So your guests that aren't drinking can park directly outside the venue and those that are savvy and drive in and taxi it home can leave their cars and collect them in the morning.

Access to your room from 5:30pm to decorate, move around the furniture etc etc.


What catering options are there?

We leave this down to you.  You can bring your own food in or you can get a caterer to come in and do it for you.  Again other rooms we know of let you have the room for free but make you buy their catering option. Who wants to pay £12 a head for some soggy sandwiches, cheese and pineapple on sticks and some crisps?  

We let you have the freedom of choice.  If you're really on a budget we do sell Crisps and Peanuts behind the bar!!


How many people can you get in?

 Everyone wants their event to be filled with their nearest and dearest but we are all different.  Some of us only have 50 friends on Facebook while others are well over a 1,000.  Now we all know not everyone on your Friends list is going to come.  But no one wants a big empty room with no one to fill it nor a tiny room with people packed in like sardines.

Our biggest room can hold up to 200 guests seated.  Our smaller rooms a cosy 100.  We have had events with only 25 people attending and we have adapted the room layout to make them feel comfortable and not floating in space.  So we can work with your number of guests and accommodate them comfortably.


How do I book?

We have made this easy.  Either click on the enquire now box below and someone will get back to you.  Or you can call us on 01604 838333 or you can come into any of the centres and book it right there and then.

What are you waiting for?????


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