Following earlier decisions to carry out some improvements to Duston Sports Centre, we are now seeking the views of local residents, users and potential users of the Centre on how these improvements will be carried out.


map markerSeeking Your Views

This short questionnaire asks for your views on how those improvements to the facilities can be made. This will help us mitigate any potential impact on residents and future users of the centre, as we move forward.

There are three sections in this questionnaire, the first and second ask about improvements to The Bowls Green facilities, and the third asks about changes to the main access point to the site.  The information below provides you with further information about the improvements.  

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map markerOpen Event

We are also providing the opportunity for Duston residents to view plans of the improvements and speak with representatives from Northampton Leisure Trust, Duston Parish Council and the Northampton Express Bowls Club.  No need to make an appointment just turn up on the day:

When:             Saturday 13 December 2014, 11am – 1pm

Where:            Duston Sports Centre, Cotswold Avenue, Duston

map markerSection 1: The Bowling Green

Duston Sports Centre opened in September 2012. After 2 years of careful preparation, the bowling green surface has been awarded County Standard, the highest possible status, by the County Committee.  This means matches of County Standard can now take place at Duston Sports Centre.

Following the earlier decision to add lights to the playing area of the bowling green, The Northampton Express Bowls Club made a successful application to Sport England for £26,000 for this purpose.  This facility will allow the Club to complete their club matches during the months of April and September when the nights are drawing in.  Having appropriate lighting would elevate the Club as being a ‘premier’ Club within Northamptonshire and the East Midlands.

Strict limitations are proposed for the use of the lights and these are:


  • The lights will only ever be used up to 22:00 hours (10:00pm)
  • The lights are to be used only if the natural light levels are not good enough to complete a match game


The playing season is restricted to April to September; therefore it is likely that the lights would be used only during April and September.

Proposed Lighting Specification:

  • 4 lighting columns
  • Minimum light spillage capacity/control
  • Limited upward light spillage
  • Excellent sharp-cut light spillage
  • Pleasant and natural colour
  • Designed in accordance with the Institute of Lighting Professionals (ILP)
  • Columns will be 8 metres high
  •  Light spillage form the lights is one lux at the middle of the road in Cotswold Avenue.  Street lighting has a lighting level of five lux.
  • The lighting columns are two metres back from the edge of the bowling green and the lights shine in a downward direction, eliminating light spillage
  • There will be one single light on each column

A technical survey has been undertaken to calculate the light spillage from the floodlights at a mid point on Cotswold Avenue. The outcome of this calculation is that the light spillage would be less than a highways street lamp.


map markerSection 2: Changing Pavilion

It is proposed to erect a wooden changing unit that has similar dimensions to the existing wooden building for the purposes of:

  • Players being able to change clothing and footwear prior to the commencement of a game/match
  • Having facilities for opposing teams/players
  • Having appropriate seating should there be disruption to a match/game by bad weather conditions
  • Having appropriate storage facilities for personal belongings during a match/game
  • The changing unit would only be occupied during the playing season (April to September)
map marker

Section 3: New Access / Egress Point – Cotswold Avenue

It has been identified that the current access/egress point on Cotswold Court is not suitable for a variety of reasons and a new point of access/egress has been identified:

  • The current access/egress on Cotswold Court is narrow and causes continuous aggravation when two cars are trying to pass each other
  • If there is need for an emergency vehicle to access the Centre it would struggle to turn into Cotswold Court, as well as the entrance to the Centre
  • As the facilities attract both very young and older customers, there is a greater chance that emergency vehicle will need access
  • If the access point was on Cotswold Avenue opposite the current bin store it would assist in equal distribution of cars using the main car park and overspill car park, creating a much improved customer experience
  • A new access/egress point would greatly reduce the disturbance experienced by the residents on Cotswold Court.

pdfDownload a drawing of the proposed access/egress point