Cricket at Duston Sports Centre

As part of the consultation we undertook regarding the floodlights at Duston Sports Centre we were approached by a number of people enquiring whether it would be possible to get cricket played again at the ground. From the comments received it was felt that cricket was more aligned and a better fit with the village green feel of the ground.

The good news is that through discussions with Northamptonshire Recreational Cricket Board we have been able to secure funding for an all-weather cricket wicket. An assessment of the suitability of the ground has been undertaken which has highlighted that the space between the two football pitches would be the ideal location. Duston Parish Council is in support of this new initiative.

We are conscious that residents may be concerned about the potential dangers of a ball being hit out of the ground. We have measured the likely boundaries and the minimum distances are 90 yards to the fence on the Javelin Close side of the ground, 100 yards to the fence on the Tesla Close side and 110 yards to the fence on the Timken Way side. Based on the likely standard of cricket being played it is highly unlikely that a ball would leave the ground.

The intention is to use the ground during the week to host Last Man Stands fixtures (for more information on LMS see below) starting in 2017. We will also be keen to find a local club to use the facilities for weekend fixtures although we are conscious that the all-weather nature of the pitch will mean that we would be limited to what games could be played. We will also work with Northamptonshire Recreational Cricket Board to provide opportunities for those who have never played the game, or have stopped playing it, to start playing. This will of course encompass both juniors and adults and men’s and women’s cricket.

We feel that this is a very positive development and will it enhance the range of facilities available at Duston.


What is Last Man Stands?

 Last Man Stands was founded in 2005, in London, by Bjorn Briggs & Wayne Greve.

Last Man Stands is the widest reaching amateur cricket league in the world, bringing together like minded individuals from all walks of life, countries, religions, and races, to enjoy this wonderful format of cricket. Last Man Stands is very easy to join. Each player & team receives cricket statistics and world rankings online. This allows teams to play cricket locally, and compare their performances globally, to the other LMS teams from around the world. The interactive website for amateur cricketers across the globe, gives the amateur cricketer the luxury of detailed stats and rankings, usually reserved for professionals - and is truly addictive.

It's easy for skippers to organise a team & keep players coming back for more cricket! With automatic fixture reminders being sent out to the squad, and umpires live scoring matches our players coming back for more.

There are currently approx. 90,000 players in the Last Man Stands T20 cricket leagues globally.


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