Inspired Lunchtime Training

map markerCore Objectives

The Play and Health Development Team are delivering Lunchtime Supervisor Training within Schools in Northamptonshire to help provide a more energetic, inspiring, and interesting lunchtime provision. 

Primarily the training sets out to raise staff's confidence in actively engaging children in physical play. The core training objectives are as follows:
• To explore the role of the lunchtime supervisor and how we can help them raise their profile
• Aid lunchtime supervisors to promote positive behaviour through active play
• Empower lunchtime supervisors to lead and initiate traditional and new playground games
The training has a large practical element providing staff with an opportunity to learn new and engaging playground games. Its also a great team building exercise.
map markerBenefits of the Programme

Increased physical activity 

Children spend up to 30% of their time at school in the playground 
Happier children 
Children are engaged and occupied 
Skills development 
Supervisors will gain a basic understanding of the playwork principles 
Behaviour management 
Advice regarding basic strategies
map markerOfsted

It is a requirement that schools look at their playground provision and make sure that it forms part of the overall culture of the school.  “Inspectors should consider how the lunchtime and dining space contributes to good behaviour and the culture of the school”

map markerWhats Included?

Included in the cost is the following:

  • 2.5 hour training session provided by a professional with over 10 years experience in delivering playwork activities
  • 4 follow up visits to ensure that the training is effectivly implemented to the day to day deliver of luchtimes
  • A full and comprehensive games pack

For more information on how Inspired Lunchtimes can benifit your Schools lunchtime provision, and cost contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

map markerTestimonials / Evaluation Reports

In 2015 we delivered 8 'Inspired Luchtime' training courses within Northamptonshire. We are very proud of the contribution we have made to children's playtimes within those schools and are very excited to assist more schools in making positive changes to their lunchtime provision in 2016!

Really positive feedback and clear and helpful evaluation of the programme that you have been offering, I can see that it is well valued by the lunchtime supervisors that attend the session'. Pippa Gilbert, Operational Manager, Health Visiting and School Nursing Team.

To see the full 2015 evaluation and feedback click here.